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Free-hand manipulation in smartphone augmented reality (AR) enables users to directly interact with virtual contents using their hands. However, human hands can ergonomically move in a broader range than a smartphone’s field of view (FOV) can capture, requiring users to be aware of the limited usable interaction and viewing regions at all times. We present Portalware, a smartphone-wearable dual-display system that expands the usable interaction region for free-hand manipulation and enables users to receive visual feedback outside the smartphone’s view. The wearable is a lightweight, low-cost display that shares the same AR environment in real-time with the smartphone. This setup empowers AR applications such as mid-air drawing and object manipulation by providing a 180-degree horizontal interaction region in front of the user. Other potential applications include wearing the smartphone like a pendant while using Portalware to continue interacting with AR ob-jects. Without having to hold their smartphone up with their hand, users can benefit from resting their arms as needed. Finally, we discuss usability explorations, potential interac-tions, and future plans for empirical studies.




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